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Extraterrestrial Communication with Margie Kay

On Saturday, August 29th, PRS will host Margie Kay. Margie will conduct a presentation on Extraterrestrial Communication.

Margie is a Paranormal and UFO Investigator, Remote Viewer, and author. She is clairsentient (feels), clairaudient (hears),clairvoyant (sees), and does remote viewing. She owns a construction company, a forensic investigation company, and is publisher of Un-X News Magazine. Kay hosted Un-X news Radio Show for several years where she interviewed international researchers and authors, and is now a popular radio show guest.

Margie is the Assistant State Director for Missouri MUFON. She has conducted over 900 paranormal and UFO investigations. She uses standard scientific investigation methods and equipment for research, and relies on remote viewing to clarify what may have occurred. Margie is also a UFO/ET experiencer and has had her own close encounters with UFOs and Extraterestrials, which will be published soon in a new book.

Margie Kay has appeared on numerous radio programs including Jeff Rense, Alejandro Rojas, Joe Montaldo, Race Hobbs, Gil Wilson, Heidi Hollis, and more. She has appeared on KMOX, WDAF, KCTV 5, Fox 4, and CNN. Margie was the subject of an episode of a Hangar 1 Television show which covered her investigations in the the Blue Springs Lights and an animal mutilation case in Missouri. You can find out more about Margie on her website: http://www.margiekay.com

The program will be held at the Westwood Community Center 4700 Rainbow Blvd in Westwood KS. We'll begin at 7:00 pm. Members are always free and non-members can attend the program for $5.00.

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